As the creative leader at THE KUMITE, I directed this integrated project with several deliverables, from films to live streaming and an interactive platform, with the support of my partners at The Kumite and Doubleleft.  For a long time, brand stories were based on factoids and subjective values. We live in an era of maximum transparency, where consumers, more than ever, are aware of the inauthenticity of a product. Created by CUBOCC agency for the Global Unilever, the global project LET'S PLANT is focused on this issue. The goal was to show every step of tomato cultivation process used to make Ketchup Hellmann's in a digital environment where people can follow the farm via streaming in an interactive experience.

LET'S PLANT, in this first phase, is in four countries: Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Colombia. 

To ensure an aesthetic and conceptual unity, THE KUMITE was called to take care of all the integrated production, riding a hybrid team, under the creative leadership of a single director and executive production of  a solid team.



A collaborative project, co-directed with my partners Cristiano Trindade at The Kumite and Luísa Martini at FLAGCX. Together, we created and produced several audiovisual outputs from an experience designed and conducted by MESA&CADEIRA for CUBOCC and SAMSUNG. The final project included still images for digital and out of home media,  short content pills with each one of the participants and a final documentary with insights about what makes someone an agent of change, or how technology transforms the world and our relationships.  



Empowering Tech 

An interactive long portrait using a brain wave sensor. The data generated from  the sensors were used to create generative graphics showing a visual representation of a person that goes beyond our natural perception.Featuring Erica Suzuki.Generative Graphic: Peehalho.Brainwave Sensor and Data: Iceland 2nd Nation.Post Production: The Kumite.Sound: Modular Safari




A short documentary created for the project launch. Film produced by THE KUMITE with CUBOCC, FLAGCX and many others. 


I was invited to direct a conceptual piece during an experience promoted by MADRE with young girls. During the experience, they were guided thru aspects of their self-esteem, working on the consciousness they have about their beauty and the ways to express this beautiful blowing in a classic and natural way. 

The final  video was then published online on Vogue Brazil website. The post production was done by THE KUMTE and the sound track by MODULAR SAFARI.