The network is alive and seeks ubiquity to ensure its permanence. While all the dots and all the beings are not connected, it does not rest. At each new dot, a new node of this network, and possible exponential connections are added. with each new connection, the processing power of the network as an organism increases. it is, now, exponentially growing connections, trying to solve our challenges as humanity.

The only certainty is that the network keeps working to increase these connections, and with that, our processing power, as humanity, always increases. With more processing power, more speed, and, our perception of time starts to change. Faster solutions emerge because more minds are overlapping, sharing possibilities and paths forward. At the same time, faster challenges and crises also appear. These traumatic events accelerate the perception of time even more.

Amanda Costa, 25, Brasilândia (SP)


UN ambassador, Brazil´s delegate in the G20 Youth Summit, one of Forbes Under 30. Amanda has created the Instituto Perifa Sustentável (Sustainable Outskirt Institute), an institute that mobilizes young people on behalf of a sustainable development agenda based on racial and environmental justice.

Ana Lumi, 25, São Paulo (SP)


Transgender and lesbian, has found a way of living through live streams.

Uses the stream as an escape from the tough world for transgender people and through that teaches people about gender, sexuality, and even the games that she plays. Want to make the world a better and more comprehensible place.

Eve, 22, São Paulo (SP)


A black and LGBT writer, activist, and journalist. She has found herself after her first contact with Marginal Poetry and has been unleashing fragments of her own self-knowledge up to this day using her art. The offspring of interschool SLAM, where she found herself. Published her first book titled “Trancada me refiz poeta” (Locked up I remade myself as a poet).

Isabelle Rodrigues, 19, Rio de Janeiro (RJ)


She noticed that many young people like her were unsatisfied with the country´s political landscape and did not know how to change it. That was how she created the “Todos na Política” (Everybody in Politics) project, using memes, videos, and a young language to spread information on the subject on Instagram and TikTok. A way of democratizing access to Political Education.

José Neto, 29, Belém (PA)


From the Amazon, an Indigenous man during land retake, Engineer, Content Creator, and traveler. A digital activist for the Indigenous people and the Amazon, breaking stereotypes and Fighting for forest life.

Marcelo Marques, 20, Campinas (SP)


Writer, teacher, and lecturer. Teaches philosophy using the language from the outskirts by means of videos that translate complex philosophical concepts into colloquial language, with slang that can communicate, in an educational manner, to people in similar realities all over Brazil.

Marcelo Rocha, 25, Rio de Janeiro (RJ)


A photographer and an activist for education, blackness, and climate change. Part of Fridays For Future Brazil and FFF Mapa (Most Affected Peoples and Areas). Is mainly present in the outskirts of São Paulo, where he created the Festival Favela em Casa (Favela at Home Festival) and the Fundo Emergencial de Apoio a Artistas e Coletivos de Favela (Favela’s Emergencial Support Fund for Artists and Collectives).

Ronaldo Pinheiro, 22, Diadema (SP)


The son of deaf parents, and brother of an autistic child, is part of the New School app project that directs content in a cinematographic format and, by means of a free app, distributes this content translated into a simple and peripheral language for communities with no access to information.

Creative Director: Martini, R.

Director: Manuel Nogueira

Story Director and Screenwriter: Rafael Câmera

Assistant Director: Carolina Sentelhas

Lead Designer: Caio Sartori

Cultural Research and Insights: Laura Stumm and Vanessa Yadoya

Writer and Revision: Maria Eduarda Buarque

People Research: Fernanda Nascimento

People Research: Manu Menezes

Designer: Cezar Arai

Executive Producer: Renata Munaretto

Cinematograpaher: Maria Navarro

Camera Assistant: Caíque Barbosa

Logger: Thiago Meggiato Pereira

16MM Technician: Nestor Grun

Film Processing: Sthefano Duque

Original Soundtrack: Apollo 9

Sound Operator: Rodrigo Macedo

Set Design: Luize Cidade

Art Assistant: Maycon Gomes

Editor: Abner Palma

Post Production Supervisor: Alê Campos

Post Production Coordinator: Maria Paula Kemmer

Post House: Liquor Media

Color Grading: Felipe Tolotti

Motion Assistant : Guilherme Mourão

Post Assistant: Theo Ramos